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Xiaomi Mijia Circle Joy Stainless Steel Fast Decanter Stopper Wiskey Decanter Aerator Smart Red Wine Set Gift Tools

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Xiaomi Mijia Circle Joy Stainless Steel Fast Decanter Stopper Wiskey Decanter Aerator Smart Red Wine Set Gift Tools

It is Xiaomi ecological chain products ,there is no any Xiaomi LOGO on it,Thanks for your understanding!

Product Parameters
Product Name: Circle Joy Electric Bottle Opener 4-in-1 Gift Box Set
Product model: CJ-TZ02
Executive Standard: Bottle Opener: DB44 “1043-2012
Tin foil cutter: Q / KLT3-2018
Pouring decanter: QKLT4-2018
Mini plug: Q / KLT6-2018
Product material: bottle opener: stainless steel, transparent PC, ABS
Tin foil cutter: stainless steel, ABS
Pouring decanter: stainless steel, food grade acrylic
Mini plug: stainless steel, food grade silicone
Packing size: 264 * 174 * 69mm
Standard accessories: 1 stainless steel dry battery electric bottle opener, 1 tin foil cutter, 1 round stainless steel wine mini stopper, 1 stainless steel round fast decanter, 1 instruction manual

Common Problem
-How to use electric bottle opener?
1. Hold the wine bottle firmly with one hand and hold the main body of the bottle opener with the other hand;
2. Put the lower end of the corkscrew on the mouth of the red wine bottle, try to keep the main body of the corkscrew and the red wine bottle straight
3. Press the stopper button and press the corkscrew downward for about 5-6 seconds, the wine stopper is automatically pulled out. When the wine stopper is completely pulled out, the stopper automatically stops working;
4. Move the corkscrew away from the mouth of the wine bottle, press the unplug button to automatically replace the cork, and release the unplug button.

-How to use the tin foil cutter?
Remove the tin foil cutter, and snap it on the mouth of the wine bottle. Use your fingers to apply a little force and keep it parallel to turn left and right half a turn. Remove the tin foil cutter, and the tin foil will be cut off.

-About the number of corkscrews and expectations
Under normal circumstances, the Yuanle electric bottle opener can continuously open about 100 bottles of red wine under full power, and at the same time up to about 2000 bottles of alternating

-Can all wine be used with electric bottle openers?
Yuanle electric corkscrew can be applied to most of the red wines that are common on urban surfaces, (straight bottle mouths with a diameter of less than 35mm and convex bottle mouths) if they are aged red wine (usually, the back label of the wine shows the year For more than 10 years), it is recommended to use a manual old wine clip specially for opening old wine, because the old wine cork is relatively soft, and it is easy to drill it with an electric corkscrew, causing the wood layer to fall into the wine.

-How to use wine stopper?
Put the wine stopper tightly on the bottle mouth, and repeat the wine stopper up and down until the date number is visible in the window of the wine stopper surface, which means that the pumping is completed and it is already in the state of vacuum preservation

-What is the function of the surface of the wine stopper and the corresponding number?
In order to avoid missing the best destination due to forgetting the storage date, after the red wine stopper has been evacuated, the corresponding storage date can be recorded through the surface window. .

-How many days can be kept fresh using red wine stoppers to store red wine
Normally, red wine stoppers are used to store red wine and can only be kept fresh for 7 days. During the use of the red wine stopper, only the air in the bottle can be evacuated, but there will still be a small portion of the air in the original wine that continues to oxidize slowly with the red wine. Time, the flavor of red wine will become lighter, even deteriorate

-Can all wine be used with red wine stoppers?
Yuanle vacuum wine stopper is suitable for a large number of flat wine bottles on the surface of the city. If the wine bottle is threaded, it is not suitable.

-How to clean the wine stopper?
After using the red wine stopper, it is recommended to use a wet cloth for cleaning and scrubbing on the surface of the silica gel. Do not use clean water to rinse directly to avoid the accidental damage to the internal structure of the stopper due to some water bodies.

-How to store the wine stopper?
After the red wine stopper is usually used, it can be placed in a refrigerator sterilization cupboard, and how can the common storage cupboard be used to quickly wake up the wine device? The rubber sleeve of the quick wake-up device is firmly inserted into the mouth of the red wine bottle, and then the tip of the bottle is tilted, and the red wine flows through the quick decanter to achieve rapid wake-up.

-Is it possible to use a rapid decanter for all red wines?
Under normal circumstances, the quick decanter is suitable for most common red wines on the market. If it is an old wine (usually, the wine back label indicates that the year is more than 10 years), it is not recommended to use the fast decanter because the old wine needs Star wine slowly and sober up quickly destroy its flavor.

-Can the quick decanter be inserted into different wine bottles?
The unique application of the Yuanle fast decanter is the inverted trapezoidal design, which can easily insert wine bottles of different sizes.

-How to clean?
After using the quick decanter, you can directly wash with water and the product can be reused many times.

Brand Name


Model Number

xiaomi circle joy stainless steel fast decanter




wiskey decanter

Max Speed

red wine decanter

3 reviews for Xiaomi Mijia Circle Joy Stainless Steel Fast Decanter Stopper Wiskey Decanter Aerator Smart Red Wine Set Gift Tools

  1. D***n
    5 out of 5


    Cool, we’ll try.

  2. M***u
    5 out of 5


    Goods good, only delivery very long, though with badge plus

  3. D***n
    5 out of 5


    The set was delivered to Moscow in exactly a month. Looks interesting. Corkscrew works from 4 AA batteries (not included). I haven’t tried it yet. Which is amazing, English instruction

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